Hjul  | 4-pack | vit/grå |

Hjul | 4-pack | vit/grå |

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Lockable wheels for children's furniture Have the wheels for your cot gone?

Maybe you bought a used crib, inherited children's furniture or the wheels just disappeared when it was time to unpack and assemble. Here you can easily buy spare parts online. These white plastic wheels have a gray rubber edge that provides a good grip when in the locked position. The wheels are mounted in pre-drilled holes and have a brake. With wheels on children's furniture, it is smooth and easy to roll a crib or changing table to where it is needed most.

Important! Check for pre-drilled holes for wheels. If there are no holes, the wheels cannot be mounted on your product.

ATTENTION! Be sure to mount the wheels properly so that your furniture does not tip over!

Troll has high quality standards and controls every step from the time the wood enters the factory until a finished product leaves it. Paint, varnish and glue are water-based, environmentally friendly and manufactured in Sweden. The furniture is made of MDF and solid birch from northern Europe. All furniture from Troll is tested in several test institutes to meet both European and American standards. Troll takes responsibility for the environment and recycles production waste, including for heating the factories. There is also a system for recycling paint and glue.